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Latest news and research about cow colostrum

How it works?

Colostrum helps athletic performance, research findings

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Colostrumhealth™  tablets 150's (1000mg) Vanilla flavoured chewable colostrum tablets contain 350 mg of pure colostrum powder per tablet. Compare with others.  Click here for specifications
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Colostrumhealth™ pure colostrum powder 100% Pure New Zealand bovine colostrum  Click here for specifications and a larger picture
Colostrum Powder
                                        Notice to customers

To all our valued customers. We thank you for your patience and advise that we have secured sufficient quantities of bovine colostrum to enable us to supply capsules and tablets until the next collection season. The quantities of colostrum available locally will not be enough to enable us to supply colostrum powder until 2015. Please feel free to email me at sales@colostrum.gen.nz if you have any questions.

Elmari Cara
Director NZTM Limited
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What our customers are saying about Colostrumhealth products!
Since I started taking the capsules 3 weeks ago I am feeling so much better. I am now able to function/focus better at work and I am feeling generally healthier. Being ill over a long period of time can really get a person down so it is really uplifting to be able to get back to being my happier self.

Just wanted to pass this on and say thanks  - Vicky from Cambridge
My partner had been suffering from discoid eczema for the past three years. The only "cure" we could find were steroid that were getting stronger and stronger over the years. Since my partner started taking colostrum, his condition has been steadily improving, finally allowing him to sleep peacefully throughout the nights (that were previously been disrupted by itchy skin).

Irina from Wellington New Zealand
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
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What makes Colostrumhealth's range of colostrum products different?
Colostrumhealth has simply bottled and encapsulated pure New Zealand produced colostrum. No additives, flavourants and colourants. That way we believe you get the best - a natural product with all the benefits of colostrum as nature intended. We believe that the quality of New Zealand bovine (cow) colostrum to be the best in the world - a result of the collection and manufacture process as well as the nature of New Zealand's rich grazing grasses which provide a product superior in bio active components.
Health, sports and fitness benefits
* High in immunoglobulin (G, E & M) Lactoferrin and growth factors (IGF1, IGF2, TGF D2 & TGF D2)
* Bovine colostrum's high concentration of IgG-type immunoglobulins is especially significant for people wishing to boost their immune system and help the body fend off viral and bacterial infections.
* Provides gastrointestinal support by maintaining a healthy intestinal flora;
* assist in alleviating the effects some types of allergies and auto-immune diseases
* reported to be helpful in maintaining the general well being of adults and has anti-aging benefits 
Easy steps to better health - read the testimonials
Athletes can also benefit from taking colostrum. Reported to assist athletes in achieving greater performance in certain track and field sports. working optimally whilst training heavily.
Also helps reduce recovery time from injury and build lean tissue. Refer to our Why our colostrum? page for further information
We aslo refer you to our knowlege resouce on thsi wensite. Two articles explaining how cow colostum works and benefits humans and the research work  how cow colostrum works for athletes. We encourage you to view both these indepth articles.
 Boost your immune system naturally
 Help prevent colds and flu this Winter

Why our New Zealand colostrum?

* no freezing of the freshly collected bovine colostrum which can destroy valuable enzymes
* year round pasture fed New Zealand dairy herds develop immunity to a wider range of pathogens than those which are fed processed feed or receive artificial hormone supplements
* New Zealand dairy herds are certified free of diseases such as BSE (mad cow disease) and Foot & Mouth diseases
* pure colostrum harvested from New Zealand pasture fed cows is free of artificial hormones
* just natural & healthy cow colostrum - high in immunoglobulin IgG, lactoferrin and growth factors
Immediately helps the body's own immune system to fight infections.

Colostrumhealth's - quality certification

* New Zealand colostrum is manufactured in facilities certified by international quality auditors to ISO 9001:2000 standards
* encapsulation and bottling of the cow colostrum is carried out in laboratories which are New Zealand Ministry of Health GMP certified
* the NZ colostrum powder is certified as Halal. The gelatine capsules used as also certified as Halal.
Read our money back guarantee Your money back if not 100% satisfied.
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Not all colostrum is equal
Don't settle for less. Your health is important. Look carefully at the quality of the colostrum you are buying. Ask about product specifications and certifications. We are happy to stand by our products. Ensure you are only getting high quality New Zealand Colostrum. We do not use colorants, artificial flavorants or encapsulating agents in out capsules. The tablets contain no less than 350 mg of pure New Zealand colostrum per tablet.
 Colostrumhealth® is operated operated by New Zealand Trade Merchants Ltd
Reg. no. 1801160

Information on health supplements

Colostrumhealth's products are sold as health supplements and are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition. If you have any serious health concerns you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering remedies. The suggested health benefits have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
This is a low lactose product benefiting customers with lactose intolerance requirements without the loss of valuable bioactive components.
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